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Thank you for stopping in at Team Tori! Please unite with us to help this beautiful young lady Tori Riley during the fight for her life! This fight started on July 10th, 2012. Tori Riley was only 24 years old when this battle started, she is smart, beautiful inside and out. Tori is a daughter, sister, friend, and needs your help to win this fight!! 
She was just finishing school and was about to start her new career when the pain she was having started getting worse. Being 24 at the time, you don't think it is anything much. Tori had many long months with pain. After several visits to the Doctor she was treated for acid reflux. After months of this, the pain kept increasing. She contacted the Doctor again along with her mother and requested an ultrasound. A few days after the ultrasound they got a call from the family doctor with news they were not expecting. Tori had at least 8 tumors in the Liver along with one very large one pressing on other organs, which was causing the pain. Tori was sent to get an MRI of the liver so that they could get a better look of the tumors. The MRI showed signs of cancer. Tori was then sent to see a liver surgeon at Barnes in STL. He looked at the MRI and confirmed that is was cancer but, could not say what kind. The radiologist thought it may be a rare form of Liver cancer. He wanted blood work that day to see what he was dealing with. The liver surgeon set up 7 Biopsies of the liver tumors to determine what kind of cancer it was. Only a few days after the biopsy the Surgeon called to tell Tori that she had stage 4 metastasized colon cancer. The Doctors, Tori’s family and Tori were all shocked to learn this. 
It was a very hard time for the whole family. Based on data it is about a .06% chance to get it at this age. She was then sent to get a colonoscopy and the tumor was found along with several polyps in the colon. The polyps were removed and it was confirmed. Her tumor markers (CEA) were over 600! Tori was then referred to an Oncologist to find out what to do moving forward. They did at P.E.T scan and found 7-8 tumors in the left lobe of the liver, 2 in the right lobe of the liver and multiply very small nodules on the lungs. This whole process took about 3 weeks. Surgery was scheduled to put her power port in which is a very painful process but, allows the chemo drugs to be given directly into the jugular vein. The next week Tori started her chemotherapy. Tori completed her 8th round of chemotherapy with her Oncologist at barns. The goal was 4 rounds and a new PET scan to see if the tumors are getting smaller. She did not get the results the Doctors were looking for but, did have a small decrease in the size of the tumors. No change to the lungs at this time. Tori has been to MO Baptist for a 2nd opinion and at this time the doctors do not believe there is a medical cure for Tori. They are not able to do surgery. She then decided to go do some things that are not standard of care. Tori has seen great results from her treatment in Atlanta Georgia. She was there for five weeks. The out of pocket cost for the treatment was $2,000-$2,500 week. This did not include airfare, hotel, food, car rental or gas. After these treatments her tumors have stopped growing and are dying. Her CEA markers went down to 42. She had to return to Saint Louis. She has a Holistic doctor now in Saint Louis who has started treating her with high dose C treatments and they have helped her say strong through this. She is on chemo again and we are in an ongoing process until she is cancer free. She also gets O-zone treatments weekly. 
Many things have changed along the way and Tori is on her 24th round of chemotherapy,We want to bring awareness to her challenges and to allow her to continue to fight. Tori has living expenses, medical bills, student loans, doctor bills for treatment, co-pays, nursing cost, supply cost and more. We are doing everything that we can to help Tori get the best treatment possible. Any help that you could offer would be appreciated and help remove the financial burden for Tori and her family. We trust the Lord for healing but, know that faith without works is dead. We know that being young with so much community support will give her strength to beat this. She has done amazing so far in this journey. No young girl should have to go through this alone. She will need the support of family, friends and kind people like you.

Tori lost her fight on Aug. 24th, 2014 after more than 2 years of a hard long battle. She is forever a hero to everyone that knew her. 


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